This list of content/trigger warnings for The Devil’s Plaything is broken into two sections: Vague, non-spoilery topics (first) and more detailed depictions (second). First up is the non-spoilery list.

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Non-Spoilery List of Triggering Topics in The Devil’s Plaything:

Next is a more specific depiction of events in The Devil’s Plaything. This larger, more detailed list does contain spoilers.

Please Note: If you are leery of spoiling the overall experience of the book but still have trigger warning concerns, Calla literally has no life and would love to answer any specific questions you have.

If you’d like to peruse potentially triggering topics on your own and don’t mind spoilers, please proceed below.

FINAL WARNING: The information below contains major spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

Spoilery List of Triggering Topics in Book 1: The Devil’s Plaything