Calla Claire, author

Romance for the feisty and spicy.

Calla Claire is an independent romance author with a flair for the dark side. Calla is a native of the D.C. area, which perhaps explains her twisted mind. Though she’s been writing romance for years, her current longform series (Rogues to Riches) is the first under the Calla Claire pen name. Set in the mountains of Northern Virginia, Rogues to Riches is a new adult gothic series with a dark academia aesthetic. Each of the five books features a brooding alpha male with a heart of gold-- as well as a feisty heroine with whom he can’t resist sparring. Calla is also the author of several successful serialized fiction titles on KindleVella, including Class Acts: A Romantic Comedy. With Teachers and The Curse of Covenfell, a sapphic paranormal romance. 

Calla is a white-passing citizen of the Cherokee Nation and is very passionate about indigenous rights. She has two small boys, so free time is a distant memory. However, she loves being a homebody with her husband, wrangling their toddlers, and looking forward to precedented times. She’d be honored if you hung out with her on any of her social media platforms to share self-publishing tips, rave about junk food, or reminisce over ‘90s nostalgia. She truly hopes to see you around!


The Devil's Plaything

Lucy & Dorian
Release Date: April 2022

Hell's Bells

Harper & Emren
Release Date: August 2022

Deal with the Devil

Taisa and Takoda: TBA

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The Devil’s Plaything & Hell’s Bells were both released in 2022. Calla is currently taking a break from the Rogues to Riches series to focus on a romcom project, but book 3 should be out before too long! Join the newsletter for updates 😀

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Five… in this series! 😉

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